Monday, November 1, 2010

The Clash

This might be an unfair and directionless way to start a blog, but here goes, but here goes... I'm only going to post the shit I like, anyway. There's an awesome interview with Clash guitarist Vince White called 'Were the Clash Bullshit?' on (just got added today).

God, these guys are so retarded. They are the hipster keyboard cats of the Internet, dissing everything they once through was cool but rejected because of its rise in mainstream popularity. They twist Vince's words, just because he was disillusioned by his experiences as a veteran rocker. You can't just do that to undermine the whole punk movement or the magic that is Clash (one of the few punks bands who, in IMHO, really matter).

Anyway, I blew a fuse when I read that.

By the way, I really need to make a better blog design here. It's looking like shit at the moment. I'll get it together, promise! Nice to be over at Blogger after a bit of a yucky stint at Wordpress. So much more convenient here. Expect lots of goth related stuff. No more Clash, I promise! >_<


  1. Well I think your blog design is clean, for the most part, and not cluttered, so you can build on it pretty easily. Cheers and good luck!

  2. ya fuck that noise,
    The Clash are one of the only bands that have ever mattered

  3. the Shareef don't like it... Rock the Casbah!

  4. Cheers guys. Yeah Shutterbugz, so right. I love how Vice are so young they've never grown up through any scene or movement at all yet think they have the right to diss everything.