Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Synthetic dreads

 All true Cybers have them but they're a tough look to get right. The last thing you want is to wander around with a bunch of pipe-cleaners and plastic noodles sticking out of your head, looking like a Jim Henson rendition of a mop. Then again sometimes really good synthetic dreads and falls look TOO good, and they make you look like a bobble-head animal you see in the back window of someone's car. Here are a few pix of my fav synetic-dread/falls hair styles-- examples when people have managed to get them RIGHT.

Awesome electric blue hair-colours above and below. Wigs/falls allow you to retain the vividness of this awesome colours. 

 An example of pipe-cleaner hair... but it's just so imaginative this one gets away with it!  Awesome, she must be a fan of Testuo, for sure!

 Super cut pink outfit. The hair pieces are fabric tubes. Be careful-- too many of these will leave you looking like someone poured radioactive spaghetti on your head!

Even guys can get in on the fun. This one works because the hair looks more like conventional hair pieces-- it's not trying to look over the top by retaining that human hair look, yet allows itself to have it's own distinct colourful style.

The great thing about synthetic dread is that you can always have different pieces to change into. That way, you can colour co-ordinate your outfit in ways that people with real/permanently dyed hair can't.


  1. Very cool pictures and interesting post.

    And may I say that your blog is fantastically designed?? Jealous lol!!

    Following you for sure, want to see more of this!

  2. Hey CAE, thanks for your kind words (I'm glad you like the design. It needs a bit of work but will develop as my design/photoshop skills grow) and also for following. Getting good feedback and interest is what keeps me doing this stuff! :)

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  4. synthetic dreads? who knew. BTW...is it bad that I think blue hair girl is really cute?

  5. I'm not into this fashion, but I love seeing it. Kind of a wow factor.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen someone with this kind of hair...

  7. There is something about this style that I like. I don't know why.

  8. Those look cool! Not something I would ever wear (for many reasons), but I'd endorse them!